Sunday, October 09, 2011

What's Left of My Town After Super Typhoon Pedring (Internation Name NESAT)

You can see in this footage that the typhoon almost
completely covered  the whole area of Luzon.
My heart goes out to all my fellowmen who have been severely devastated by the super typhoon Pedring. The thing is this is actually the first time I got worried that much due a super typhoon. With a 650 km radius, this is probably the first time that both ends of Luzon, Ilocos area and Albay area, were hit by the same typhoon under signal no. 2. What the hell...

I was actually planning to post this last week but we had difficulty uploading the videos and photos due to typhoon completely disrupting the internet connectivity in town. As of right now, Globe DSL in my town is still down. 

The damages that the typhoon left were unthinkable. Concrete walls were shattered, trees were broken, electric posts fell down leaving the town without electricity and internet for several days. I couldn't believe my eyes when I watched video footages of what happened to my town, Jaen, Nueva Ecija (shown below). The thing is, we live in a pretty high area of the town. I remember my father contemplating that if the flood ever reach our street, then the whole town must be flooded. That's exactly what happened.

The video above shows the town proper and I couldn't remember a time when the flood had ever reached this part of the town. The same goes for the video below which shows the area near the Municipal Hall.

The pictures below were taken by PogingBagsik (RJ) which shows the surroundings outside our house. Further in the streets, the flood was like waist-deep. The areas near the river, well...

Our house - typhoon Pedring

Mindanao St. - typhoon Pedring -2

Mindanao St. - typhoon Pedring -4

Our house, RJ - typhoon Pedring

These additional photos and videos were from my best friend. The first video shows Jaen-San Isidro bridge where the Pampanga river almost reached the bridge. The next video was taken from his house. Sorry if it's a little dark, electricity was disrupted throughout the town.

Rayearth's house - Typhoon Pedring -3
Rayearth's house - Typhoon Pedring -2

I'm very thankful to God that no one in my family and friends got hurt.

For more photos, please check my Flickr photos below.

NOTE: The first two videos above were originally uploaded by Zarahlyn Espiritu in Facebook.

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